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Have a Hoppin' Good Easter with these Dirty Clean Food Products

 Easter Food


Why not try one of our favourite premium meat cuts this Easter? Check out our pork rack roast and lamb banjo for a show stopping winner for any table.

Dirty Clean Food pastured pork is 100% hormone and additive free, from Brian at Yanmah pork. You can read more about our regenerative pork here.  

Our 100% grass fed and finished lamb is from Green Range Lamb in WA. Find out more here.

Easter Spread


Discover the source

Enjoy delicious and fresh seafood for your meat free meals with a range of fish, prawns, octopus, squid and more. Our seafood is supplied by the experts at Fins Seafood. All our seafood products are sustainable sourced, 100% Australian seafood.

Fins Seafood

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Seafood Recipe Ideas

Bring seafood into your day with these recipe ideas from our expert team of foodies and chefs, who develop delicious and creative ways to cook Dirty Clean Food products.

Gourmet Filet-O-Fish 

Artichokes & Fish

Black Garlic Prawn Pasta

Fennel & Mandarin Baked Fish

Mandarin Fennel Fish

Entertaining Favourites

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