Fresh Provisions

"At Fresh Provisions we are passionate about supplying local fresh produce that meets our customers dietary and ethical food requirements. Dirty Clean Food offers a premium 100% grass-fed beef and lamb that is ethically raised and locally sourced and our customers love it!" Tom Katselas

Short Order Burger Co.

"Quality and provenance is paramount when selecting the ingredients to include in our burgers. DCF provides us with premium 100% grass-fed beef that is ethically raised and locally sourced." Simon Kony, Owner

Peaches Fresh Food

"At Peaches Fresh Food we offer a huge range of the freshest and best produce in WA. What we love about Dirty Clean Food is their regenerative story, supplying us with grass-fed meat of the highest quality whilst taking care of the land for future generations." Nadia Di Tullio

Sales Partners

We are thrilled to be supplying some of the best chefs and independent retailers in WA. We would love you to support them, secure in the knowledge that the beef and lamb you are served is ethically raised and grown by farmers committed to regenerating the world...and it tastes fantastic!

Your Food Choices

Why Clean Food?    

Who grew or raised it, what farming and husbandry practices they employed, how it’s handled and processed, to its impact on the environment and communities, we all want to know as much about the food we eat as we can. 

Our food is grounded in the soil....but it’s also clean.

Free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and other nasties, we focus on quality, safety and consistency in the food we produce. All of this adds up to great taste …every time!

We choose to partner with professional, like-minded businesses to process our foods. Leaders in their field, we talk about things like cutting waste, business ethics and the efficient use of resources – not just price.

We have an Australia first sourcing policy and aim to buy ingredients and packaging from local businesses where possible. Keeping a short supply chain not only means more money can go back to the farmer, but it helps communication between consumers and farmers. Understanding the needs and challenges of everyone in the journey will go a long way to building a better system for all.

Compostable Packaging - a unique and exciting change

At Dirty Clean Food we care about the environment and are passionate about reducing our footprint throughout the food journey.  We use packaging to a minimum where it is needed to safely transport our products to market. 

Our small vacuum bags are suitable for home composting. They are made predominantly from renewable resources (GM-free corn sources and wood pulp) that will break down when disposed of in a composting environment containing heat, water, oxygen, soil and microorganisms.

Packaging meat like this is new – let us know what you think and how it works for you. We plan to move all of our packaging over to compostable as options become available. We are also part of the industry group APCO, working to reduce packaging waste on a broad scale.

What does home compostable mean

It means you can dispose of our packaging in your compost heap and let the worms and environment do the work to break it down.

  • It is made from plants - far more renewable than recyclable and non-recyclable plastics made from fossil fuels.
  • Turns back into soil quickly to help more plants grow.
  • Even if it goes into landfill it very quickly turns into soil which is far better than both recyclable and non-recyclable plastics which break down into micro-plastics.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Remove any stickers.
  • If you are composting in your green bin or your compost pile, a balance of soil, temperature, moisture, oxygen and micro-organisms are needed for the packaging to break down.
  • Always use plenty of soil especially if more compostable packaging is added to the mix. We don’t want your compost to stop working because the ratio is wrong.