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Bryan and Rae Hickman – Yanmah Pasture Raised Pork

Bryan and Rae Hickman of Yanmah

Esteemed Farming Heritage

Bryan and Rae are passionate pastured pig farmers based at Yanmah, near Manjimup in the Southern Forests region of WA. Bryan comes from a long line of farmers, and can trace his farming side of the family back to being tenant farmers on Lord Salisbury's Estate in England in 1026! Bryan met Rae in Manjimup when he was travelling around Australia on a working holiday visa, and never left.

Map of Yanmah Manjimup where Yanmah Farm resides.
A pig on Yanmah farm grazing on grass
Pigs on a pasture

A New Sustainable Journey

Bryan and Rae run a breeding drive of pigs, as well as a pasture finishing operation. Their pigs are on pasture their whole lives, and eat a combination of pasture and pellets, which they need to ensure they are getting enough protein to be healthy and grow well.  They have around 40 Berkshire/Landrace crossbreed sows, and are very big, healthy and friendly girls, weighing in at around 300kg when they are fully grown!

The sows are fully pasture based, and Bryan has set up a unique farrowing system that focuses on animal welfare, minimising piglet losses due to being squashed, and is completely sow stall free.

The grower pigs are slowly weaned from mothers via a system of creep feeding, and then go into the finisher pens which have a series of size ‘drafting gates’, which minimises stress for the pigs, and also allows for ease of management.

Bryan is passionate about improving his pastures and keeping his pigs happy and healthy, and we look forward to working with them on their regen journey!

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