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Our lamb is truly something special- from it's unique breed qualities to their lush farming conditions. Find out more and discover the source of your Dirty Clean Food.

Where Our Lamb Comes From

Dirty Clean Food lamb products come from Western Australia.

Our grass fed lamb is supplied exclusively by Col Bowey and Ash Baldwin in the Green Range, near Albany in our Great Southern.

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Grass Fed Eats Best

  • Superior breed and genetics can only be found in our Ultrawhite lambs, a meat sheep breed that produces the highest quality meat with the best intramuscular fat without the ‘lanolin’ flavour of wool sheep
  • High and superior in linolenic acid and linoleic acid, higher unsaturated fats for a healthier heart and cholestrol
  • Significant reduced melting point of fat for easier cooking and tender meat

All About Lamb Cuts 


Ever wondered where your loin chops come from? Why Lamb Tenderloin and Backstrap were a little more prized than some other cuts? What's the difference between the Foreshank and Hindshank - aren't they all just shanks??

Knowing where your food comes from is an integral part of appreciating and understanding the supply chain - it's also the easiest thing that you as a consumer can do.

On this page, we have broken the lamb down (literally) into its primal cuts and a short description of each product.

Dirty Clean Food Neck Rosettes

Lamb Neck Rosettes from the neck with the central bone kept in. Made up of well-exercised muscle, they contain plenty of connective tissue. This cut is best suited to moist, low and slow cooking methods to break down the connective tissue and allow the bone to impart a rich flavour, resulting in pull-apart tenderness.


Dirty Clean Food Lamb Diced

Diced Lamb generally comes from the shoulder, a working muscle which makes it a less tender but a very flavourful part of the lamb. A perfect cut therefore for slow moist cooking methods, just add your favourite seasonal vegetables and herbs for a hearty, economical meal.

Shin, Foreshanks and Hindshanks


Stock up on this beautiful option for autumn and winter. The Foreshanks come from the lower part of the front leg they are some of the hardest working muscles in the body, so they need to cook for a goodly while over a low heat for best results. So lean and tasty they are perfect for braising, stewing, pot roasting or making delicious soups.

Foreshanks- Large

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Foreshanks- Small

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Leg Steaks

Lamb Leg Steaks come from the leaner part of the leg, making them flavoursome and tender. They are best grilled, griddled, pan-fried or sauteed. They are also quick, easy and delicious on the BBQ in the summer.


Dirty Clean Food Lamb Rack

The Lamb Rack contains rib bones, backbone and the rib eye muscle. You have the option of roasting the rack whole or separating it into cutlets - either way, it is the most luxurious cut of lamb. The rack is frenched, taking out the hard work and ensuring restaurant style presentation. If you prefer smaller portions, we also have the Frenched Lamb Cutlets.

Frenched Lamb Rack - Small Single Rack (500g-749g)

Frenched Lamb Cutlets - 4 pieces (380g)

Recipes & Inspiration

Discover cooking ideas from our trusted network of foodies, chefs, and customers. 

Our Core Beliefs

Dirty Clean Food was founded on the 4 Returns Framework: a science-based framework that is proven in practice. It transforms degraded ecosystems by focusing on 4 key returns over the course of a single generation, or 20 years:


Return of Inspiration

Giving people hope and a sense of purpose

Social Return

Bringing back jobs, education and social connections

Natural Return

Restoring biodiversity and soils for healthy and resilient landscapes

Financial Return

Realising long-term sustainable income for communities

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