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Christie's Green Range Lamb Rack on Coals

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Premium Lamb, Over Fire = Nothing Better

We're lamb lovers here at DCF and what's better than cooking a classic rack over coals? On a cold winter night, enjoy the crackling of the fat on an open flame, we're already rushing to add to cart at the thought!

Our lamb is from Green Range Lamb, and a staff favourite for its truly distinguished qualities that make it the finest grass fed lamb you can source.

Read on to find out our best tips and tricks for getting a delightful smoky and juicy lamb rack from our Impact Manager, Christie.

Christie's Top Tip!

These lamb racks are fantastic cooked over coals to give you that gorgeous smoky flavour.

The key to getting that flavour the whole way through the rack is to cook it slowly - too quick an it will cook through before the smoke permeates through, and too slow you can dry it out too much.

Luckily with our grass fed and finished ultra white lamb, the melting point and distribution of the fat is lower and spread intramuscular, it's a cook friendly product that is easy to enjoy.

Christie at Green Range

Made fresh using WA produce and regenerative grass fed and finished lamb at


Serves 4

You will need a good quality rack of lamb, olive oil, and seasoning of your choice.

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  • I aim for medium coals for 40 minutes. You should be able to just hold your hand over the coals where the meat will cook for about 5 seconds before it starts getting too hot to keep your hand there.
  • Light your fire around 1 - 2 hours before you need your coals. You can either use a shovel to ransfer the coals to where you want to cook, or here I've just pushed the rest of the coals to the back of the outside fireplace to get the right heat at the front.
  • Rub some olive oil over your lamb rack and season with a spice rub - here I've used lemon pepper. The place on a rack or in a braai over the coals, skin side down.
  • Turn after 15 minutes to see how the skin side is cooking- it should be bubbling and the fat should be dripping down and hitting the coals, which will be smoking. If there are flames starting up when the fat hits the coals, move the lamb up higher, as flames will cook your meat too fast.
  • Cook for around 40 minutes in total, with the skin down for 30 minutes, and 10 minutes with the skin facing up.
  • Rest for 5 - 10 minutes before carving and serving. Enjoy!
Rack of lamb
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