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Yanmah Pasture Raised Pork Awarded National Finalist Title at 2024 Produce Awards


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The 2024 National Finalists of the country's most prestigious food industry campaign- the delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards- have been revealed. The Produce Awards focus on Australia's best producers behind leading chefs and restaurants, and we were are so proud to announce that our pork farmer Brian Hickman of Yanmah Pasture Raised Pork, was awarded as a National Finalist of the 2024 Paddock category, contending with highly esteemed beef, lamb and other pork producers around Australia.

A Winning Recommendation

Brian was delighted to receive this nomination from none other than WA icon herself  Melissa Palinkas , owner of Young George Bar and Ethos Deli and Dining Room. Melissa became acquainted with Brian and his Manjimup pasture raised pork farm during the iconic Truffle Kerfuffle event in 2023. A visit to his farm and many months later, Brian submitted a pork loin in for judging by an expert state panel that convened at special judging days hosted by top chefs across the country. You can find out more about the delicious.Harvey Norman Produce Awards here.

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The Pasture Raised Difference

The pasture raised difference means that Brian's pigs are truly free to roam without the confines of a shed.

Bryan and Rae (his wife) run a breeding drive of pigs, as well as a pasture finishing operation. Their pigs are on pasture their whole lives, and eat a combination of pasture and pellets, which they need to ensure they are getting enough protein to be healthy and grow well.

The sows are fully pasture based, and Bryan has set up a unique farrowing system that focuses on animal welfare, minimising piglet losses due to being squashed, and is completely sow stall free.

Pigs on Brian

Support Local and Make the Change

Farmers have experienced a very tough season of drought from a very dry period, meaning conditions for farming were increasingly difficult. This was no different for Brian, where the constant heat led to heat stress and loss of appetite for his pigs. It was only six weeks ago that the weather conditions began easing and they saw some relief from the tough conditions.

Brian's work to create a spacious and nuturing environment for his livestock and bringing pasture raised pork to WA consumers is deservedly being recognised by Delicious. Harvey NormanWe are proud to bring to market Yanmah Pasture Raised Pork via Dirty Clean Food, and his national recognition is one more step to raising awareness for regenerative farming to more consumers, extending the reach of conscious food production. There is no better time than today to #stickaforkinclimatechange !

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