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Ewen Nettleton, Unison Farms

Unison Farms is owned by the Nettleton family, based near Boyanup in Western Australia’s South West Region. They are a proud supplier of pasture raised chicken to Dirty Clean Food. 

This intergenerational enterprise, comprising three generations, incorporates a Limousin beef stud and more recently; pasture-raised chickens. The holistic, regenerative management of the farm means that each animal compliments the next, thus creating a cycle that replicates that of nature, growing better pastures, creating healthier animals and helping the environment by sequestering more carbon into the soil.

The chickens live a stress free life, where they are moved daily onto new pasture and enjoy living a 'chickens life' - scratching, sand bathing, hunting for insects and eating nutritious and balanced feed. This 'stress free' life creates the best flavoured chicken one can find.   

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