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Ewen Nettleton, Unison Farms

This intergenerational enterprise, comprising three generations, incorporates a Limousin beef stud and more recently; pasture-raised chickens. The holistic, regenerative management of the farm means that each animal compliments the next, thus creating a cycle that replicates that of nature, growing better pastures, creating healthier animals and helping the environment by sequestering more carbon into the soil.

The chickens live a stress free life, where they are moved daily onto new pasture and enjoy living a 'chickens life' - scratching, sand bathing, hunting for insects and eating nutritious and balanced feed. This 'stress free' life creates the best flavoured chicken one can find.   

Unison Farms is owned by the Nettleton family, based near Boyanup in Western Australia’s South West Region. They are a proud supplier of pasture raised chicken to Dirty Clean Food.

Unison Farms
The chickens at Unison Farm
Ewen setting up rotational pastures
Technology allows the chickens to roam

Witness the difference of rotational grazing in reviving soil and root systems for the ecosystem. Our team captured this image that illustrated the effects of regenerative farming on Unison Farm's pasture. Because chickens are rotated so often, crops can recover creating a sustainable farming system that relies on nature.


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