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Our revolutionary protein is extracted from nutrient-packed lupins. Not only do lupins provide your body with the protein it craves, but they are great for the environment.

Buntine Protein® is an innovative plant-based protein derived from lupin, a super versatile legume. This unique protein source is made from lupins cultivated in Western Australia using regenerative farming practices, which work with, rather than against, natural systems, and increase biodiversity, enrich soils, restore the water cycle and enhance ecosystem services. Now, what sets lupin apart is its exceptional protein content, hovering around 35-40%, which makes it a powerhouse for nutrition. It's also gluten-free, non-GMO, and has lower anti-nutritional properties compared to many other legumes. Plus, lupins are a core crop for fixing nitrogen into the soil in a grain cropping system – it’s nature’s own fertiliser!

To create this protein, we take lupin seeds, give them a good clean, and then work some magic. The result is a shelf-stable, protein-rich isolate powder with an exceptionally clean taste. What's so special here is that Buntine Protein® boasts enhanced gelling and solubility properties, opening the door to all sorts of culinary creativity. You can use it in a variety of food applications, from plant based dairy products such as cheese, milk and yoghurt, health and wellness shakes, snack foods like bars, protein balls and cookies, breads and even plant-based 'meat' products like burgers and sausages. The possibilities are as diverse as the taste buds it caters to, and it's all brought to you through regenerative farming practices with the added bonus of being gluten, soy, lactose, and GMO-free.

To find out more download our technical PDF.

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