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What's the secret behind our juicy, flavoursome steaks

Want to know the secret behind our juicy, flavoursome grass fed steaks?

It all starts with healthy soil.

And what’s the recipe for healthy soil? 


We nurture healthy soil full of microbes and fungi, restoring the water and nutrient cycles in the soil which then supports plant growth. The holy grail of plants for our cows is not just grass, it’s multi species perennial pastures.


Next rotate the herd onto fresh paddocks regularly.


Don’t interfere with soil, so the mix of plant roots go deeper and draw carbon into the ground, turning soil healthy and rich.


Finally, let the cows graze on a mix of clover, chicory, plantain, ryegrass and other greens, as the blend of vegetation will create stronger gut health and much happier animals. 

Throw in the dedication and passion of all of our hardworking cattle farmers and their families and you're looking at the tastiest regenerative beef around.


Everybody really. Your taste buds, the planet and our farmers. 



To learn more about the farming practices behind out regenerative beef - When grass isn't just grass, click here


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