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Runnymede Rundown

Just some of our Dirty Regenerates

Back (L-R) Ming (Project Co-ordinator), Matt (CFO), Mark (Sales Manager), Margaret (Assistant Warehouse Manager)

Front (L-R) James Irving (Sales Representative), Amanda (Marketing Specialist and Event Co-ordinator), Jo (Sales Operations Manager), Kate (Warehouse Manager), Sophie (General Manager)

The friendly faces of our Welcoming Committee  - Jo and Kate

 The legendary cooks preparing lunch for over 200 people - Billie (Livestock Processing Specialist), Mark (Sales Manager) and Greg (Meat Production Supervisor)

 Lois and Niamh our Face Painting artists

Blythe holding Boss along with Christie, Ben and Liz (Board Member of Wide Open Agriculture) 

Meeting the Happy Hens

Helping Christie collect grass on the Cattle Tour. Learn more here 

(L-R) Sarah (Customer Service Specialist and Office Manager) and Blythe carrying another one of her "little friends" Aura the Maremma and guardian of the hens.


Colouring In Regenerative Agriculture

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