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Kent and Michelle Rochester – KM Farming

Kent and Michelle Rochester

"Experiment and Innovate"


Kent and Michelle Rochester are innovative regenerative farmers who supply high quality grass fed beef to Dirty Clean Food. 

Kent and Michelle Rochester from Manypeaks
Cattle enjoying the feed
Kent Rochester
KM Farms

Being on the south coast, Manypeaks receives reliable rainfall and is generally a great climate for growing grass almost all year round. Kent's first foray into holistic planned grazing was in a particularly dry autumn when they were struggling for grass. They were overstocked and both the cattle and the pastures were under pressure. He began by changing his grazing management, decreasing the amount of time cattle were grazing on one paddock and increasing their grazing density.

They saw the pasture recover and bounce back, and this led to experimenting with different density and grazing techniques. It was also the gateway into multi species fodder crops, summer cover crops and biological stimulant and inoculants.

Kent loves to experiment and this is very apparent on his farm - there is always an interesting trial or project going on, and all lessons learned are applied to how they manage the farm. It is a beautiful place with a healthy farm ecosystem and some very happy cows, which is testament to the management style of Kent, Michelle and their team of workers. We are very excited to welcome Kent and Michelle to the Dirty Clean Food farmer team!

Why Grass Fed Beef is Best

Support healthier, sustainable farming systems while enjoying a higher quality protein source. Farms like KM Farms help restore soil microbial diversity and sequester carbon- which helps fight climate change!

Grass fed meat is high in healthy fatty acids and nutritional benefits such as lower levels of total fat, and being rich in minerals, calcium, potassium and more!

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Grass fed beef

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Kent and Michelle Rochester farm at Manypeaks, where they are bringing up their boys Thomas and Kobi on their beautiful property surrounded by trees, cows and lush pasture.

KM Farming supplies Dirty Clean Food with grass fed beef  from Manypeaks on the South Coast of WA

Dirty Clean Food's climate change mission is supported by KM Farms, who practice regenerative farming and experimenting with new techniques to improve sustainable farming practices

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