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Pork, Banana Prawn, and Shiso Matcha Casoncelli with Rib and Red Radish Broth | Cook Regenerative with Alec Morris, Pasta Et Al

Alec Morris, Author and Pasta Master

The Pasta Story

Celebrate one of life's simplest pleasures with Alec Morris, WA's pasta guru who delighted us with his ragu recipe featuring DCF products.

We’re also delighted Alex featured Dirty Clean Food in his newest recipe, a stunning pork, prawn, shiso matcha casoncelli with rib and red radish broth. See below of the amazing pasta process!

Pasta Et Al Cookbook
Runnymede Eggs and Goodies Stoneground Flour
Pork Banana Prawn and Shiso Pasta

Enjoy this homage to dumplings and colourful things, mixing that with pasta in a Japanese-inspired pork, banana prawn, and shiso matcha casoncelli with rib and red radish broth.

Uniquely DCF

Alec showcased some of WA's finest producers available from DCF. Eggs from  Runnymede  happy chooks,  salt from a pristine lake in the middle of nowhere, and  stoneground flour  from Goodies Farm. When stoneground , the three main parts of the grain are ground up together. The endosperm is softest, so ends up quite fine, but the bran and germ are tougher with larger pieces giving the pasta a delicious texture and flavour .

DCF Pasture Raised Pork Cross Cut Ribs
Matcha Pasta Dough

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Made fresh using Dirty Clean Food regenerative meat and local WA products available on our website.

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