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Turban Chopsticks Jewelled Mung Dahl 220g

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Australian yellow split mung beans are mixed with spices - black pepper, salt, cumin seeds and garlic - and yellow lentils to bring you this dish inspired by India. 

Turban Chopstick's Jewelled Mung Dhal is a one pot wonder that will result in a mildly spiced creamy lentil curry. Nourish the body, mind and soul with this nutritious dish.

Delicious, hearty and filling on its own, you can also serve grilled, fried or BBQ meats, vegetables or tofu.

Ingredients made on a production line that produces products containing nuts, spices and lentils.

Natural | Gluten Free | Vegan | Nut Free | Australian made

Founded by Mei Yong, Turban Chopsticks, was created to give busy parents, working professionals, and enthusiastic home cooks a sneaky shortcut with unmistakable authentic flavour. Turban Chopsticks are all natural with no nasties and made in Perth. 

Life is busy and Turban Chopsticks is here to help you get delicious and nutritious meals from kitchen to table quickly and easily.

Australian yellow split mung beans, spices, red lentils and black pepper, salt, cumin seeds and garlic. Ingredients made on a production line that produces products containing nuts, spices and lentils.

Farm to Fork

We're sharing the ethical practices that this farmer or supplier focuses on.

  • Regenerative Farming
  • Certified Organic
  • Ethical Production
  • Spray Free
  • Local
  • Small Business
  • Eco Packaging
  • No Nasties
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