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Beef Porterhouse Steak - 500g (2 pieces)

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Indulge your taste buds with our Beef Porterhouse Steak - a succulent delight weighing 500g and featuring two mouthwatering pieces. Sourced from the striploin, the Porterhouse cut is a perfect blend of lean, tender steak and a thin top strip of fat, enhancing every bite with rich flavor.

Keeping it simple is our mantra for perfection. Allow the steak to reach room temperature for 30 minutes, season lightly, and then cook on a medium-hot grill for a few minutes each side. The result? A culinary masterpiece that promises an exquisite dining experience. Savor the perfection of our Beef Porterhouse Steak – where simplicity meets unparalleled taste.

100% grass fed beef
2 serves
This product is frozen for your convenience. Keep frozen below -18˚C. Thaw overnight in the fridge (<5˚C) prior to cooking.

Pack weight is approximate. We're proudly working with real meat, and do our best to get exactly to the declared weight, but there may be some variation.

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