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Chill It's No Till

What's tilling and why should you care? Tilling is chopping up the soil to prep it for planting, and you should care because tilling depletes the soils of nutrients and moisture - and worse - releases CO2 into the atmosphere, compounding climate change. Think about how many farms there are in the world currently tilling their soils and releasing CO2.

Part of the Dirty Clean Food magic is integrating nature into farming practices to enrich and protect our soil and water - it's called Regenerative Farming.

It's not a ground breaking (pun intended) idea either. This way of farming harks back to a time before industrialised farming, where multi-species were integrated into farming systems. Plants can cover the ground to help the soil retain moisture, the roots give the soils structure, use CO2 in their growth, and when the plants die these roots act as fertiliser 🌿🌿🌿

You can even apply 'no till' to your own backyard or veggie patch and experience firsthand how much better your garden thrives, not to mention you're actively sequestering CO2 in the soil and literally fighting climate change!


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