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The Best Scrambled Eggs Ever!

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs have never tasted so good!  Kylie and Kris from The Butter People have shared their favourite weekend breakfast. Featuring their award winning artisan butter of course and only the best local ingredients you will be cooking up a restaurant quality breakfast at home. All ingredients are available through Dirty Clean Food, delivered to your door...You're welcome! 


20g The Butter People's Salted or Pure Butter

4 Eggs from Runnymede Farm

A good splash of Bannister Downs milk or cream

Salt & Pepper to taste

Good quality bread (Margaret River Woodfired Boodji Seeded Sourdough)



In a bowl, crack eggs and beat with milk or cream, salt, and pepper.

Melt butter in pan over a low heat, avoid burning.

Pour egg mix into pan.

Using a spatula or soft edge spoon, gently move egg mix around the pan. Soft curds will start to form.

Gently push curds away from the edges to avoid them sticking to the pan.

Eggs are ready when curds are a little shiny in appearance (just slightly undercooked).


Serve scrambled eggs hot immediately over toast, lathered with fresh butter. Scatter some fresh parsley or chives on top.

Tip! In a separate pan fry up some fresh tomatoes, and kale to serve with eggs. Add bacon, mushrooms, fresh avocado – your options are endless!

Recipe courtesy of The Butter People 

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