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Blythe Calnan & Gregg Hooper - Runnymede Farm

Blythe Calnan & Gregg Hooper - Runnymede Farm

Blythe and Gregg from Runnymede Farm in Binningup are now supplying grass-fed and grass-finished beef to Dirty Clean Food.

With backgrounds in various areas of agriculture, animal husbandry and welfare consulting in the Pilbara region, the couple moved to the South West in 2014 inspired by stories of people regenerating environments.

“We have both worked with cattle for much of our careers but got our first cattle when we purchased Runnymede. We actually started our herd with cows from north Western Australia and have used genetics from the Pharo Cattle Company in Colorado USA to create a herd that thrives in the grass-fed regenerative environment. They have natural hardiness and parasite resistance which means no drenches or chemical support is required. They are highly fertile and efficient at converting every mouthful of grass into delicious nutritious protein, said Blythe

They believe that cattle can be a valuable contributor to sequestering carbon. It can be done sustainably and in a way that actually improves the land resource and reverses the damage that’s been done with more chemical and artificial processes. This moves the land into a self-balancing and healing system.

Their growing herd has its genetics tailored to get just the right amount of intramuscular fat, ensuring a richer flavour and succulent eat. 

“Quite a few vegetarians come and look at the farm and people who don’t want to eat meat for fear of contributing negatively to the environment, once they have seen a regenerative system and how much are goes into caretaking, they think, “maybe I can eat meat again.”

Blythe and Gregg welcome visitors to take a tour of the farm and delve deeper into regenerative farming.

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