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Meet the most versatile meat

Pork Scotch Fillet is the hands down favourite cut of meat for James Taylor of Jindong Free Range Pork.

The pasture raised scotch fillet is a marbled meat from the neck or collar and is extremely tasty and succulent. The marbling helps keep the meat tender while it is roasted or grilled.

We asked James how he usually prepares the scotch fillet.  "For a quick and easy meal, I add a generous amount of seasoning to the meat and throw it into a hot oiled pan. Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side - depending on the thickness of the meat. I prefer to keep it a little pink and let it rest." 

"Thinly slice the meat and serve with a salad or roast veggies," said James. 

James has a young family and a busy life, so loves the versatility of this cut.

Diced for a quick curry, cut into strips for a stir fry, hammered out for a schnitzel, marinated and roasted in the oven or minced, this cut can be used in any of your family favourites - the options are endless.

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