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Stuart and Leanne McAlpine - Buntine

Stuart and Leanne McAlpine - Buntine

Stuart and Leanne McAlpine are broadacre farmers near the northern wheatbelt town of Buntine, where they grow lupins, wheat, canola and graze cattle. Stuart has 40 years’ experience in agriculture and has long been committed to the environmental and social restoration of his region.

Co-founder and inaugural president of the Liebe Group, he also instigated the Regional Repopulation Plan with the Wheatbelt’s Dalwallinu Shire and Chaired the Regional Repopulation Advisory Committee, and sits on the advisory committee for RegenWA.

Stuart believes that successful food production will ultimately only be sustainable with an integrated approach that allows for continued improvement in the health of the ecosystem, and can be demonstrated in operating farming systems. He has been farming regeneratively for over 15 years, and refers to himself as a biological farmer. He has been using biostimulants on his soil since 2006, and has seen dramatic changes in his soil and plant health with the use of biological amendments and a decreased reliance on artificial inputs. In 1999, Stuart was Western Australian No-Till farmer of the year and in 2015 he received a Soil Health Champion Award.

Over the next decade, Stuart hopes we can revitalise many communities across WA. We are real people and we care about our community, our environment and the quality of the food we eat. We have a vision to share that opportunity with as many people as possible. 


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