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Brad and Caitlin Campbell - Karingal Pastoral Co

Brad Campbell farms with his wife Caitlin and their two young daughters at Scaddan, north of Esperance in the Goldfields region of Western Australia. They also work alongside Brad’s dad David, his brother Greg and partner Taya. Brad has come onboard with Dirty Clean Food as our chickpea supplier.

Brad has been working full time on the farm since 2010, and says they started looking at alternative ways to farm when his mum’s health started deteriorating in the late 90’s. They started looking outside the box and trying to learn about what might have caused these issues. It was a journey to empower themselves to make changes to how they farm, from a health and nutrition perspective, giving thought to how our food is grown.

Inheriting a curious personality from his mum and dad, Brad enjoys growing a diversity of crops and seeing how whole systems work together and how different crops can grow together. On the farm they grow canola, barley, wheat and lentils as their mainstay crops, and when seasons allow they also grow safflower, sunflower, chickpeas, linseed, corn, sorghum and hemp.

When asked what his favourite crop is to grow, Brad says a profitable one! Sunflowers are the stand out favourite, as his mum always gravitated towards them, and they have become a bit of a symbol of her. They are such bright and happy flowers, they provide pollen for bees and other insects, and their deep taproots are great at hosting beneficial bacteria and microbes.

Brad also enjoys growing good crops of legumes, as they are great for the soil and are both profitable and sustainable.They have been fungicide free on the farm since 2018, and have been trialing growing linseed as a companion plant with other legumes, which help disease and harvestability. 

We’re really excited to have Brad and Cait on board as Dirty Clean Food suppliers, and look forward to working with them on all things legumes in the future!

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