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Kuld Creamery

We’ve all fallen in love with the small batch frozen desserts from Kuld Creamery and you’ll fall in love with the team behind this creation too.

Kaitlyn and Mati Kuld are the fabulous team behind Perth’s hand-crafted ice cream featuring OatUP. Growing up in their respective homes in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Toronto, Ontario, ice cream played a huge part of Mati and Kaitlyn’s childhood and with a surname like KULD, (pronounced cooled) it was only natural that they followed their childhood dreams and opened an ice cream shop!
So, 6 months after emigrating from the States, their love of ice cream came to fruition in the form of the Highgate store and a year after that, the Fremantle store.

Now 5 years after arriving in Perth, Kaitlyn and Mati have doubled the clan, welcoming two beautiful girls into the world - Heiki, and just last month, little Lumi.

Mati spent many hours working with our oat milk to come up with the winning base and flavours for the ice cream. They can be found online and now in various retailers in Perth and on Rottnest Island.

"We knew this was a special partnership from the moment we met the team. There was something in the air and things seemed to flow together so seamlessly. Our shared vision for our OatUP ice cream collab has come together so nicely! "

- Mati and Kaitlyn

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