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Pork Diced Bacon ~500g

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Original price $12.50
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Use these diced cubes for a quick quiche, pizza, scones or muffins. Cook until crisp but still tender when removed from the pan

Our small diced bacon packs are great to keep in the freezer and pull out when you need to add a little extra flavour. We love adding some cooked bacon bits to pasta sauces, on top of baked potatoes or as a garnish for soups. Otherwise, they’re great for whipping up a quick fried rice, quiche or omelette. 

Our pork diced bacon is pasture raised and preservative free. The supplier for our pork is Yanmah. Please note that as this product is naturally cured, both preservative & nitrate-free, it will be brown. 

Pork belly, water, organic cure (dextrose, emulsifier, maltodextrin, sugar, beetroot powder), beetroot powder, salt, raw sugar. This product does not contain any known allergen.

Pack weight is approximate.
We're proudly working with real meat, and do our best to get exactly to the declared weight, but there may be some variation.

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