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Hawaiian Wood-fired Pizza

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This traditional, wood fired sourdough pizza has been fermented for three days. Expertly crafted by the team at Kerry Street Pear Tree cafe and Woodfire Pizzeria.

With delicious shaved ham and juicy pineapple (we know!!). Now, vac sealed for your convenience, you can enjoy gourmet, restaurant quality pizza at home- simply warm this perfected pizza in the oven and enjoy!

About the Maker: Previously a chef on private yachts off the coast of France, Ron and his family moved to Perth (his wife’s hometown) and started the Kerry St Pear Tree journey. Located in Hamilton Hill, Ron is passionate about good quality and local ingredients, these delicious pizzas use organic flour, rye starter from Eden Valley Biodynamic Flour and the sustainably harvested Lake Deborah salt. 

organic wheat flour, organic rye sourdough starter, salt, fresh yeast, tomato, ham, pineapple, for de latte
Reheat in a regular oven at 220 degrees for 7-8 minutes. Ideally reheat on a preheated pizza stone.
Keep frozen
Kerry St Pear Tree

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