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Mount Zero Bidoynamic Cracked Farro 500g

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With over 80 years of history, family-owned Mount Zero practices bio-dynamic farming techniques and are international Demeter certified. We are absolutely pumped to be introducing another great addition to the Friends of Dirty Clean Food Family! With lovely people behind the brand that loves ensuring the highest quality and utmost care to both the earth and product, you are sure to enjoy every bite.

Demeter Bio-dyanmic certified, the elusive farro had vanished from modern agriculture due to its protective husk that required more complex dehulling and milling machinery. High in fibre, rich in B Complex vitamins, protein, zinc and has a softer gluten that is gentler to the digestive system than wheat. Mount Zero has stone ground this to crack the bran. Packed with a nutty flavour and chew texture - this is a great substitution for rice, lentils, couscous and pasta.

Contains gluten.

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