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Beef Inside (Fresh Cut) ~9.2kg

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We are proud to launch our very first range of primal cuts for beef. Perfect for the home chef, BBQ enthusiast or a meal prepper. The best part of purchasing in a bulk cut is that you have the flexibility of deciding what you would like to do with it whenever. Divide it up into portions and freeze to use for later, or cook it all up. It's totally up to you.

A whole beef inside (sometimes called topside) is a lean cut of beef that comes from the inside of the rear leg and is a lean cut. It is commonly used to roast, make jerky, stir fry strips and is great in the slow cooker.

It also benefits from being tenderised and makes a great budget steak perfect for the BBQ or steak sandwiches.

100% grass fed and finished from WA local regenerative farms. You can find out more about our farmers here.

Keep refrigerated below 5°C.

Pack weight is approximate.
We're proudly working with real meat, and do our best to get exactly to the declared weight, but there may be some variation.

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