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WTF is Dirty Clean Food?

Dirt is inextricably linked to the food we eat. Dirt is the source of life.

Farming and food production that uses less chemicals for a clean mind, body and soul.

Bringing glorious, mouth watering, nutritious food to our families and future generations.

We get dirty, so you eat clean.

Huzzah.You're on the journey to good food for a better future.

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About Us

We're a small business in WA with big dreams to change the food game.

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What is Regenerative Farming?

You're gonna hear that a lot from us. 

Regenerative farming at it's most simplest, is working with nature, not against it, to improve resources, rather than destroying or depleting them. Think of it as an evolution beyond sustainable farming where the goal is to enrich the soil, foster biodiversity, and optimise water and nutrient cycle, and most of all, evolve with new ways to farm. These practices combat the climate crisis by drawing carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it in the ground, regenerating the earth!

How to Shop

How to Shop with DCF -1
Make your selection from our large collection of local WA products. 

You can make a one-time purchase or add products to a recurring subscription.

How to Shop with DCF -2
Head to the checkout, enter your postcode and select an available delivery date.

Delivery guidelines and cut offs can apply for our fresh products. We also have free click & collect from our Kewdale HQ.

How to Shop with DCF -3
Get your farmers market food delivered to your door!

Remember you can leave packaging materials from previous DCF orders out for our driver to collect- we reuse these!

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Join our community of conscious foodies 

Our Core Beliefs

Dirty Clean Food was founded on the 4 Returns Framework: a science-based framework that is proven in practice. It transforms degraded ecosystems by focusing on 4 key returns over the course of a single generation, or 20 years:


Return of Inspiration

Giving people hope and a sense of purpose

Social Return

Bringing back jobs, education and social connections

Natural Return

Restoring biodiversity and soils for healthy and resilient landscapes

Financial Return

Realising long-term sustainable income for communities