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Introducing.. The Wandering Bee! 

Or perhaps it should be re-introducing! You may remember my (Christie’s) Bidjaronning Honey from last honey season. I have decided that it is time to change my honey brand name from Bidjaronning, which was the name of our family farm in the central Wheatbelt, to something that reflects where I am now. So we have the Wandering Bee! This seemed the perfect name as not only do I now reside in Wandering, but my bees are mounted on a trailer that I move seasonally, following the nectar flow across the Wheatbelt and South West.   

You may have noticed that our Bidjaronning Honey stocks have been low on our online shelves lately. This is due to me managing a small scale apiary, so my honey is only a seasonal product. I really love being a beekeeper, and I love the flexibility of being able to move my bees to follow the honey flow across the landscape. The good news is that it is spring, so honey season is here! 

The first batch of honey is here, a beautiful rich wandoo honey. It almost looks like the dark patches of bark from the wandoo tree below! This is a small batch so jump on the website here to grab some if you’ve been starving your honey sweet tooth! 

I’m really excited about our next batch of honey, which will be coming from Quindanning on Steve Ford's farm. This has an exciting story to tell, so I’ll wait until I have the proof of the harvest to show you! 

Thanks to everyone who has been following along the Bidjaronning journey for the past few years, really looking forward to tracing the footsteps of the Wandering Bees over the next spring and summer, and sharing our stories with you!


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