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Great Southern Groves

Located and produced in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, Greath Southern Groves is family-owned, grown and processed in WA.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is described as the natural fruit juice of fresh olives. It is the purest form as it has undergone minimal processing which has no chemical input, allowing the oil to retain its nutritious values. Once harvested, GSG process its olives within 24 hours by washing, crushed, mixed using minimal heat to help vegetable matter to release the oil and extract it via a mechanical process.

The oil is then stored in spotless, stainless steel tanks and sealed off with nitrogen to preserve quality and prevent oxidization. To ensure that customers get the freshest, tastiest and healthiest EVOO, the team individually bottles olive oil on a needs basis.

Their 'Tuscan Style' olive oil, a balanced blend of Tuscan varieties of olives including FRANTOIO, LECCINO and CORATINA grown at groves in Frankland, Mt Barker and Albany.  Their oil is of medium pungency with a lovely grassy flavour, a fruity aroma followed by a mild peppery aftertaste that lingers on the palate. 

This Chef approved, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for those home cooks looking to use a quality, Western Australian grown, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Use it in almost every aspect of cooking including pastas, sauces, risottos, salads, desserts or just for dipping. Their table olives are hand picked, sorted and cured in just brine. No artificial additives so you can enjoy the natural flavour of the olives.

With a range of sizes available in 500ml, 750ml or 3L - Get ready to take your cooking to the next level.

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