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Má Là Dumplings

Má Là Dumplings are a proud new addition to the Dirty Clean Food offerings. Featuring our very own 100% grass fed beef and Jindong Free Range Pork, these dumplings are a tantalising treat that will excite your senses.
For those who haven’t already discovered Má Là Dumplings on a trip down south, they are a micro business based in Margaret River. Crafting a range of produce driven dumplings and signature sauces, Má Là Dumplings naturally burst with authentic flavour and premium Western Australian ingredients.
Má Là sprang to life in 2015, after the owners Teesh and Matt returned from a long stint working in Beijing, China.

Teesh, the ‘boss of the kitchen’, with a passion for business startups, suggested the dumpling concept after struggling to find the mainland Chinese flavours and quality dumplings she had craved, since returning to Perth.

 Matt, the PhD, MBA wielding geologist turned dumpologist, agreed there was a niche to fill and the Má Là Dump Truck was born.

Having road tripped to most parts of the state and good food events over the past five years, retail and food service has simmered away organically.
COVID-19 propelled the retail range into good grocers across the state, as sand gropers were satisfied with only the best during lockdown!

The Má Là range continues to evolve, supporting our WA farmers as well as local produce, while delivering exciting flavours and experiences.
Má Là is a famous Sichuan flavour profile, signature to their chilli oil. The combination of tongue tingling, citrusy Sichuan peppercorns (Má) with fiery chilli (Là), they say the more Má you have, the more Là you can handle!

Try some today.

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