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Hippie Veggies

If you've been to the Margaret River Farmers Market, you will recognise these familiar faces. Sophie and Facundo are the creators of Hippie Veggies, an artisan range of plant-based dips and spreads. 

Nutty Pesto, Macadamia and Mushroom Cheese or Macadamia and Hemp Cheese dips are all lovingly handmade in small batches from ingredients sourced only from the South West.

Originally from Montreal and Buenos Aires respectively, Sophie and Facundo have called Margaret River their home for the past few years. 

So how did Hippie Veggies come about? We caught up with Sophie to find out more. 

“We lived on an organic farm for five years and were inspired by the owners who were almost fully self-sufficient.  They produced condiments from home-grown ingredients and had been selling them at their local market for 20 years. 

“To see how much love went into the food they made was inspirational.  

“We are both passionate about our health and believe that a healthy diet is essential to our wellbeing. 

“So, we started making vegan cheeses, pesto, mayo and crackers from our own home kitchen and shared them with friends, family and within our local community. We were also trading and exchanging our products with local growers and producers, said Sophie. 

In the beginning, it was purely for the joy of sharing food and the connection they were creating with the local community. But as the interest and demand for their products grew, Sophie and Facundo realised their little project had the potential of becoming a successful business. 

So, in December 2020 Hippie Veggies was born, and they launched their dips and spreads at the Margaret River Farmers Markets. 

“We are so proud of our products and believe they are a reflection of the world we wish to live in. A world where people eat local, fresh and healthy food which fuels their mind and body, said Sophie. 

The Hippie Veggies range are available through Dirty Clean Food. If you need ideas and inspiration for using the spread Sophie and Facundo have plenty of recommendations. 

“Our range of spreads is super versatile, enhancing flavour and adding plenty of nutrients to any dish. We literally have them on the table for every meal.  

“We love the Green & Peace - Nutty Pesto with roasted veggies and pan-fried mushrooms.

“One of our favourite ways to use it as a base on pizzas. It’s also delicious with a bowl of rice, by adding a tablespoon over the top. We love it in sandwiches, burgers or toasties, and obviously, our pesto is great stirred through a bowl of pasta!”

“Our favourite way to enjoy our Macadamia cheeses is on a piece of Margaret River wood-fired sourdough, with some avocados, fresh tomatoes and a sprinkle of seeds. Oven-roasted potatoes and macadamia cheese is also a match made in heaven!”

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