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The Pickled Wife Hot Jam 200g

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A complex and flavoursome Asian style relish loaded with vibrant, zesty, and punchy flavours that'll have you digging in for more. And with each mouthful, you'll experience a gentle warmth of chilli that dances on your palette but isn't too hot even for those who aren't big lovers of chilli. But be warned, this relish is very addictive and will have you digging in for more straight out of the jar!

100% natural - free from artificial colourings, preservatives and flavours. Spray + pesticide free. Gluten free. Paleo + keto + pescatarian friendly. Locally sourced ingredients. 

Organic locally grown red tomatoes.

Based in Manjimup, Western Australia – The Pickled Wife is dedicated to creating condiments full of local produce that reflect the regions uniquely rich and diverse growing conditions. They strongly believe in supporting local growers and other small businesses encouraging food networking and keeping their community growing strong. With a love of crafting locally sourced produce into beautiful gourmet condiments, their range is filled with traditional family recipes infused with modern flavours.

Perfect smothered on your burgers and steak sandwiches, a must on your weekend charcuterie grazing boards paired with a good soft or hard cheese. A wonderful side condiment to amp up your summer BBQ's or the perfect relish to add into stock for an Asian influenced soup. Lovely to mix into your pasta for a vegetarian meal. Mix through a good quality mayonnaise or Japanese Kewpie mayo for a gorgeous spicy creamy twist. Pickled Wife love adding a dollop into fish parcels wrapped up in alfoil and cooked on the BBQ - pockets of deliciousness!

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