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Tasman Sea Salt Smoked 80g

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Behind the brand are the food lovers Chris Manson and Alice Laing. Chris grew up working and living on the East Coast while Alice started and managed her own catering business at an early age in the UK. The duo were back in Tasmania visiting family when they realised they could not purchase a locally harvested sea salt when the environment and pristine waters were ideal for salt production!

It was from that moment, Tasman Sea Salt was born. In its most natural and cleanest form, the salt does not need to be cleaned or rinsed during the production process. It is rich in potassium and has lower levels of sodium than many other salts. Some benefits linked to Potassium include relief from blood pressure, anxiety and stress, enhanced metabolism and more.

Infused by its natural and pristine environment, these sea salt flakes pack an incredible depth of flavour. Cold smoked over Tasmanian Oak and Blackwood to create a richly aromatic smoky caramel flavour. Perfect for rubbing meats and fish before hitting the BBQ.


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