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Foley’s Frothing Fermentations- Organic Gut Shots - Raw Ginger Beet Kraut Juice 350ml

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In the search for more options that are healthy for both you and the planet, we are happy to expand our offering of Foley's Frothing Fermentations! We would like to introduce Raw Organic Gut Shots that are Certified Organic, wild fermented, probiotic and are perfect for those who are vegan, gluten free or are practicing the paleo diet. If you are too stretched for time or are looking for something to load up on nutrients quickly, this is the perfect solution.

Gut shots are created by the juice produced by the cabbage during fermentation. These contain all the vitamins and minerals of their Sauerkraut range.

If you are looking to relax and stimulate digestion, this is the gut shot for you. Enriched with ginger, beetroot and fennel, it will help to encourage stamina, blood flow and lower your blood pressure. Fennel seeds help with conditions like heartburn, intestinal gas, bloating and loss of appetite.

Local cabbages, beetroot, ginger, fennel seeds, onion, West Australian salt, filtered water.
30ml per shot. Total 10 shots.
Keep refrigerated.
Foley's Frothing Fermentations

Farm to Fork

We're sharing the ethical practices that this farmer or supplier focuses on.

  • Regenerative Farming
  • Certified Organic
  • Ethical Production
  • Spray Free
  • Local
  • Small Business
  • Eco Packaging
  • No Nasties
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