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Manuka Honey - 30+ MGO (250g)

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Manuka honey 30+ MGO has a floral, aromatic taste and is bursting with local flavour.

Despite having the lowest level of MGO activity in our range, this Manuka honey has many health benefits. Add a spoonful to your everyday diet to serve as a maintenance dose for general health and wellbeing. 30+ MGO Manuka honey makes a great natural alternative to sugars and refined sweeteners.

The critical force behind the active antibacterial effect of Manuka honey is methylglyoxal (MGO). Methylglyoxal is contained in the nectar of the Leptospermum flowers which our bees feed on. Our honey batches are independently tested by the Australian Manuka Honey Association to ascertain the strength and quality of our Manuka honey. This ManukaLife 30+ MGO honey is assured to contain at least 30mg of methylglyoxal per kilogram.

From tree to hive to honey, we manage every step of production to guarantee high-grade, active, authentic Manuka honey. If you are looking for high functioning, quality assured multi-functional honey that tastes great, try our Manuka honey 30+ MGO.

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