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Why Our Regeneratively Grown Pasture-Raised Chicken Is Worth Every Cent

Why Our Regeneratively Grown Pasture-Raised Chicken Is Worth Every Cent

Our regeneratively grown pasture-raised chicken isn't just about great flavor—it's a choice that benefits the chickens, the farmers, and the planet. Here's why it's worth every cent:

What is Pasture-Raised Chicken?

Pasture-raised chicken is exactly what it sounds like. Raised outside in mobile shelters on lush pasture, our chickens enjoy daily moves to fresh grass, access to insects, soil, diverse regenerative pastures, and abundant sunshine.

How is Pasture-Raised Different from Commercial Chicken?

Unlike most supermarket chickens raised in large sheds, our approach stands out. We partner with local farmers, like Jeff and Michelle from Southampton Homestead, Steph and Sam from Rosa’s Ridge, and Ewen Nettleton, to bring you the best-tasting regeneratively grown pasture-raised chicken in Western Australia.

Lower Intensity Farming = Better Animal Welfare

Our lower intensity production system prioritizes the well-being of the chickens. Housed in mobile coops or chicken chalets with 50 - 600 chickens, it's a far cry from the massive sheds holding 40 to 60 thousand birds. This allows our chickens to forage, express natural behaviors, and remain protected from weather and predators.

Slower Growth - You Are What You Eat

Our chickens undergo slower growth, processed at 10-12 weeks old compared to the 4-5 weeks in commercial farming. They enjoy a diet of fermented grain mix, bugs, and grass from the pasture, resulting in richer flavor, great texture, and vibrant color, especially in the leg meat.

On-Farm Micro-Abattoir

We've partnered with Southampton Homestead to create the first on-farm micro poultry abattoir in Western Australia. This facility, though more labor-intensive, emphasizes compassion, with hand harvesting and respectful handling. It's not just about processing; it's about regenerating rural communities and economies.

Acknowledging Value

The longer growth period, smaller scale, and hand-raising and slaughtering contribute to the higher cost of pasture-raised chicken. We're actively working to improve efficiencies in both farms and supply chains to keep costs as low as possible.

Do Your Own Research

When it comes to conventional chicken, don't rely solely on the term 'free-range.' Check for transparency from the brand—do they show photos of their farming system, living conditions, and the lives the chickens lead? Make an informed choice about the chicken on your supermarket shelf.

Say Yes to a Healthier Planet and Food System

By choosing Dirty Clean Food's pasture-raised chicken, you're saying yes to a healthier planet and food system. Embrace regenerative practices that prioritize healthy farms, farmers, and pastures, producing chicken that's not only flavorful but also good for the planet. Make the switch to regenerative and help regenerate our food systems today.

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