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"Our focus is on delivering food that tastes fantastic every time, with provenance a key feature. Grass fed beef & lamb from DCF tells a really important story." Ben Keal, Executive Chef

Short Order Burger Co

"Quality and provenance is paramount when selecting the ingredients to include in our burgers. Blackwood Valley Beef from Dirty Clean Food provides us with premium 100% grass-fed beef that is ethically raised and locally sourced." Simon Kony, Owner

Glenarty Road

Dirty Clean Food offer the entire package. We love working closely with other likeminded farmers, ensuring our customers enjoy a high quality product that has been ethically raised and processed. The paddock to plate philosophy that we both share means that we can showcase less than common cuts in their best light. It is a delight to see our customers enjoy their meal so much because of this. Sasha McDonald Read more

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We are thrilled to be supplying some of the best chefs and independent retailers in WA. We would love you to support them, secure in the knowledge that the beef and lamb you are served is ethically raised and grown by farmers committed to regenerating the world...and it tastes fantastic!

Our Farmers

We want food that we know - from farmers who care for their land as much as the foods they produce.

Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming and grazing principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystem services. The definition is evolving and practices vary, but this holistic management practice has many benefits including the potential to reverse climate change. Our West Australian farmers are carefully selected according to their commitment to making this change. 

Like all change, it is a journey and through a combination of practices such as multi-species cropping, planting pollinator strips, diverse crop rotations, high intensity rotational animal grazing and reducing tillage the land can be regenerated over time.  In return we aim to ensure our farmers receive a fairer share of the end value of their food.

We intend to adopt a new global farming standard called the soil carbon initiative ( when it launches in the second half of 2019. The standard is focused on soil carbon, water stewardship, promotion of biodiversity and the farmers learning journey. We work with our farmers to help bring the lands natural life systems back on-line, reducing the need for chemicals over time. This outcomes-based framework ensures that we are not just talking about change but tracking progress and making a real impact. 


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Warren Pensini - Blackwood Valley Beef

Our heritage is Italian, so we are passionate about family and food. With Blackwood Valley Beef, we combine both.

The Pensini family has been raising cattle in Western Australia for a century.

In Western Australia they farm some of the most fragile and worn soils in the world, so farming here is very challenging. Add to this the effects of climate change and declining rainfall, it soon becomes clear the old European ways of farming are not sustainable.

"Nestled in the beautiful Blackwood Valley in South West WA, Warren Pensini manage his farm ‘holistically’. This means employing planned grazing methods to ensure ground cover year-round and true environmental sustainability. The farm is Australian Certified Organic, so you know the pastures are grown as naturally as possible and completely free of any chemical inputs.

"We hand select our cattle, then raise and finish them in a grass-fed, low stress natural herd environment on farm, free of any artificial growth hormones and anti-biotics.

This guarantees and enhances the eating quality of our beef.

Warren has recently taken on the role of Livestock Supply Chain Manager with Wide Open Agriculture. He assisted with establishing Dirty Clean Food's meat distribution business, supplying meat to premium restaurant and food outlets in Perth and the State's Southwest. 

Warren’s extensive network and experience in the farming and meat production sectors will allow Dirty Clean Food to maintain a consistent year round supply of high quality grass fed beef and lamb to local and export markets.  

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Tim Stevenson – Parron Dorper Lamb

Tim and Steph Stevenson are 3rd and 5th generation farmers respectively. Their journey started nearly 40 years ago, culminating in Parron Dorper Lamb (PDL) in 2002.  PDL began with the Riverside White Dorper Stud, selling rams and competing successfully at major shows .

Expansion plans focussed around commercial lamb production in late 2013 when the potential of Damara ewes from the pastoral country (which was in drought) was identified. The Damara is a clean skin sheep with no wool and requires no mulesing, tailing, shearing, or crutching and if management is right, no chemicals. It is a very hardy sheep and is perfect for the Australian climate. It’s downfall is the poor eating quality and carcass confirmation.

Improving eating quality as well as management to meet consumer expectations of ethically produced meat is a focus. 

That is when the cross breeding began. The best Dorper rams from the Riverside White Dorper Stud were used to cross over the Damara ewes to improve eating quality and carcass attributes whilst maintaining all the benefits of the Damara. The Dorper is a clean skin (no wool) sheep, the same as the Damara. 

The breeding program is carried out at the Parron Farm Property which is in the Mid-West zone of Western Australia approximately 40 kms directly east of Jurien Bay. The property receives good rainfall, though it has varying soil types which  have caused us to introduce subtropical plant species out of necessity to improve carbon matter and in turn water holding capacity in the poor sandy soils.

“Waste is a pet hate of ours. This led to the use of chicken manure as fertiliser on the soils of Parron from nearby egg farms. This alternate fertiliser, in conjunction with the introduction of select pasture species, has created vast improvements in soil condition.”

Steph and Tim along with their 4 children and a committed team are dedicated and passionate sheep farmers and continue to strive to produce an ethical, profitable and sustainable sheep meat product.


John & Barbara Dunnet – Black Point Beef

John and Barbara Dunnet are experienced 4th generation farmers who have discovered their niche in cattle farming and established the premium beef brand Black Point Grassfed Beef. Their Milyeanup property lies within the coastal plains of Scott River in the State’s South West and the family have been farming in the Scott River region since 1907.

Years of experience and a passion for regenerative farming.

The Dunnet’s have implemented soil testing and management programs which result in high quality pasture for their cattle all year round. The prevailing winds of the bordering Southern Ocean ensure the land remains disease free and the rainfall encourages year-round green grass.

We offer a premium beef which is packed with flavour.

"We don’t use any hormones or antibiotics and thanks to our coastal location we have little need to use chemical fertilisers either. Our cattle lead a stress-free life grazing on green grass all year round,” said Barbara. “You can taste the difference”.