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Beef Mince On Special

Our mince is as clean as our steaks, roasts, ribs, and every cut of meat we do: 100% grass fed WA beef from our regenerative farmers. We don’t add anything to our mince. Additives, colours, flavours, gas, letters and numbers…zilch. And preservatives? That’s just our freezer (and yours) that does the all the work. Let's give you more of what you love, so we’re committing to a new lower price for all our beef mince on offer this month. Sit back, relax and enjoy climate changing beef mince how it’s supposed to be: just beef, nothing else.

Mince Grading 101

95VL Beef Mince

Lean mince at its finest, plain and simple: 95% lean meat and 5% fat. This mince caters to all our customers with varying dietary preferences and needs, without sacrificing flavour.

A clean alternative for low fat options of all your mince favourites: burgers, meatballs and more. This one is for you, when you have no cheat days ahead.


85VL Beef Mince

You’ve got the formula. It’s 85% lean meat and 15% fat. This is the classic all rounder that’s a go-to for where you want a little bit more juiciness and you’re working with a short cook time, or a rich dish that you want to provide some balance to such as tacos, chilli, lasagne or shepherds pie.


75VL Beef Mince

With 75% lean meat and 25% fat, our 75VL mince is a higher fat content and provides a richer flavour. Known as 'hamburger mince'.

This mince is perfect for adding extra fat and smoothness to your mince. Great for meatloaf, sausages or dishes where a higher fat content is desired for optimal flavour.


65VL Beef Mince

65% lean meat and 35% fat produces a higher fat content mince with a rich flavour and a bigger bang for your buck.

This will produce a beefier dish and works well for an indulgent bolognese or next level burger. Try the flavour and drain off the excess fat after cooking if that’s not your thing.


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