West Australian Grass Fed Beef & Lamb

Discover the best premium beef and lamb from Australia's renowned South West region. 

Australia's Best Lamb

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  • From Green Ranges in Southern West Australia with a unique micro-climate to achieve the best possible quality 
  • Superior breed and genetics can only be found in our Ultrawhite lambs Ultrawhite lambs, a meat sheep breed that produces the highest quality meat with the best intramuscular fat without the ‘lanolin’ flavour of wool sheep
  • High and superior in linolenic acid and linoleic acid, higher unsaturated fats for a healthier heart and cholestrol
  • Significant reduced melting point of fat for easier cooking and tender meat
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Blackwood Valley Beef Cow

Green pastures for better beef

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  • Expansive and lush farm located at Manypeaks in the Great Southern Region of WA.
  • 100% grass fed and finished, with a high micronutrient profile and lower total fat content and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Low stress environment and handling
  • Practicing holistic planned grazing means that cattle are moved often onto fresh pasture, with the long recovery time regenerating soil processes, sequestering carbon, and optimizing pasture and cattle growth.


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