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Dirty Clean Food Oat Milk



We’re putting saving the planet on the menu with the world’s first regeneratively grown, carbon-neutral oat milk. GMO-free and vegan-friendly, plant-based, alternative-dairy milk. 

Made from clean, rolled oats grown by West Aussie farmers, when you drink Dirty Clean Food Oat Milk you’re not only supporting our farming community, you’re also loading up on nutrients which are better for you, better for our planet, and better for our future.

You see, our oats are grown using Regenerative farming practices, which works with nature rather than against it, leaving the soil in better condition after every crop and reducing carbon emissions in the process. 

Our oats have fewer inputs, require less water and produce lower greenhouse gas emissions than other plant-based alternatives, making our milk not only tasty and convenient, but also gentle on mother earth

We partnered with an Italian family business, with decades of experience making plant-based milks, for our recipe formulation and early production. And this year we will be building the first oat milk manufacturing facility right here on our home turf, creating more jobs for West Australians and helping us to achieve our goal to produce the world’s lowest carbon emissions per litre of oat milk.

Learn More About How Our Oat Milk is Made

Dirty Clean Food Oat Milk is your delicious dairy-free milk alternative, it froths and textures well and has a fresh smooth flavour free from nasty chemical residues.  You can knock it back straight up, add to your cooking or your favourite coffee order.

Dirty Clean Food Oat Milk is available in Barista, Coffee, Chocolate and our OG.

Dirty Clean Food’s Chocolate Oat Milk is a decadent chocolate flavour balanced with the natural sweetness of West Aussie oats to deliver you a smooth and creamy, delicious drink ready to enjoy!

Dirty Clean Food’s Coffee Oat Milk is an easy drinking blend of Arabica beans and oat milk for a delicious creamy coffee to just grab and go!

With 1½ shots of caffeine per serve it will keep you energised, and the complexities and origin characteristics of the Arabica beans will shine, giving you the perfect blend with a rich coffee taste every time.



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