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Lamb Hindshanks (1kg)

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One of winter's most loved dishes, Grass Fed and Finished Lamb Shanks will fill your home with their delicious aroma as they bubble away 'til they're falling-off-the-bone. 

Surprisingly easy to prepare, they have a fabulous texture and rich flavour which pairs beautifully with creamy mashed potato and colourful steamed vegetables.

These generous shanks come from the hind leg of the lamb, ensuring they are big and meaty.

Here's some recipe inspiration from the team. Click here

Our 100% grass fed and finished lamb is regeneratively farmed.

Season with salt and pepper on both sides. Sear both sides on hot pan. Slow cook for 1.5 hours, stirring every 15 minutes.
This product is snap frozen for your convenience. Thaw overnight in the fridge when ready to eat.

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