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Ngooka Honey - 300g

Ngooka Honey - 300g
Ngooka Honey - 300g

Ngooka Honey - 300g

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Ngooka pure and natural bush Honey is sourced from a blend of native floral species in the south west of WA. This area - Noongar Boodja - has some of the most unique and beautiful plant species anywhere on earth which produce delicious, high quality honey that has also been shown to be highly bioactive.

Only produced in micro-batches, all jars are carefully hand-poured, often under the watchful eye of NLE's senior Noongar apiarist, Mal. The taste of the honey reflects the changes of the seasons, with different flavours becoming more dominant as trees and flowers come into bloom. This current batch is a golden amber colour with notes of marshmallow and toffee with a lingering, sweet finish.


More about Noonglar Land Enterprises Group

Established in 2014 by Noongar landholders, the Noongar Land Enterprises Group Incorporated (NLE) is a not-for-profit, Aboriginal-led grower group in Western Australia and the first Aboriginal grower group of its kind in Australia. The NLE is focused on inspiring, educating and assisting Noongar people, in South West Australia, to advance through demonstrable business success centred around land management enterprises. While NLE are on a pathway to economic development, it is the environmental, cultural and social aspirations which provide the motivation and inspiration for our business aspirations. 

Honey production is a key enterprise of the NLE with a goal to product culturally appropriate high quality, Aboriginal produced honey on Noongar boodja (country) from the Noongar Flora Species. Key benefits include training and skill development, recconnecting Noongar community with country, identifying flowering times and pollen of native species and cultural significance of species, including the Noongar names of species. 

The NLE is working close with the Honey CRC based at UWA to ensure the quality of the honey produced, based on the flora species the bees feed on. This project has been kindly funded by Food Innovation Australia Ltd. 

DCF is proud to work with NLE to make this honey accessible to our customers. Ngooka Honey is seasonal and available in limited quantities until the next season. 


Note: Your honey may come crystallized. This is normal in honey that has not been heavily processed. Crystallization helps to preserve the flavour and quality characteristics of the honey. Place a jar in a pot of warm water and set heat to medium-low and stir until crystals dissolve. You can also heat your desired amount and microwave for 30 seconds, cool for 20 seconds and then heat again for 30 seconds. 


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