Cape Lodge

"These farmers are our heroes, the souls of the earth and it shows in their produce. The flavour from the meat is exceptional and we have had nothing but rave reviews since moving to Dirty Clean Food." Tony Howell, Executive Chef

Fresh Provisions

"At Fresh Provisions we are passionate about supplying local fresh produce that meets our customers dietary and ethical food requirements. Dirty Clean Food offers a premium 100% grass-fed beef and lamb that is ethically raised and locally sourced and our customers love it!" Tom Katselas

Billie H

"At Billie H we choose local produce and what we love about Dirty Clean Food is their paddock to plate story. Not only is their grass-fed meat sustainable using humane animal practices, but their farmers are doing things differently and actually regenerating the land – providing delicious healthy food from the ground up." Nate Murray, Head Chef Read more

Sales Partners

We are thrilled to be supplying some of the best chefs and independent retailers in WA. We would love you to support them, secure in the knowledge that the beef and lamb you are served is ethically raised and grown by farmers committed to regenerating the world...and it tastes fantastic!

Alderton Chicken Carcasse

Alderton Chicken Carcasse
Alderton Chicken Carcasse

Alderton Chicken Carcasse

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Bone broth has been known for centuries to aid in joint health, immunity, gut health, and more. Nutrients are pulled from the bones and cartilage, slowly swirling into a liquid gold – rich in vitamins, minerals, and feel good-ness. Add some Apple Cider Vinegar to help the process or to make it extra gelatinous- throw in a few feet and you’ll have the most nutritional bone broth you can get.

Their natural foraging leads to strong bones and deeply flavoured meat, yielding the perfect flavoured broth for you to enjoy on its own or in soups, casseroles risotto.....the list goes on.