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"At Fresh Provisions we are passionate about supplying local fresh produce that meets our customers dietary and ethical food requirements. Dirty Clean Food offers a premium 100% grass-fed beef and lamb that is ethically raised and locally sourced and our customers love it!" Tom Katselas

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"Quality and provenance is paramount when selecting the ingredients to include in our burgers. DCF provides us with premium 100% grass-fed beef that is ethically raised and locally sourced." Simon Kony, Owner

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"At Peaches Fresh Food we offer a huge range of the freshest and best produce in WA. What we love about Dirty Clean Food is their regenerative story, supplying us with grass-fed meat of the highest quality whilst taking care of the land for future generations." Nadia Di Tullio

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We are thrilled to be supplying some of the best chefs and independent retailers in WA. We would love you to support them, secure in the knowledge that the beef and lamb you are served is ethically raised and grown by farmers committed to regenerating the world...and it tastes fantastic!

Alderton Chicken Back Ribs (approx. 500g)

Alderton Chicken Back Ribs (approx. 500g)
Alderton Chicken Back Ribs (approx. 500g)

Alderton Chicken Back Ribs (approx. 500g)

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Yes, they are real, and they’re spectacular. Chicken back ribs are part of the scapula and have a better meat to bone ratio than wings or drumettes, making them the perfect finger food option. Gently cook in a covered pan on low, skin up, until cooked through then place skin side down and turn up the heat to crisp and brown off.

But beware – they are guaranteed to disappear off the serving plate in a flash.