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Beef Short Rib Ragu

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Our very own in-house professional chef’s take on the classic beef ragu. We’ve used our grass-fed and finished short ribs, simmering them in a melody of herbs and spices, it comes out on top in terms of flavour. Slow cooking allows the fat to break down and further enhancing the flavour of the meat.  

This Beef Short Rib Ragu is perfect to serve alongside some egg pasta, or polenta with lashings of pecorino cheese. Now that you’ve got dinner sorted, it’s time to invite a friend to join you as this is a perfect serving for two.

Beef short ribs, onion, capsicum, celery, carrot, red wine, thyme, sweet and smokey paprika, salt, crushed tomato, parsley, pepper.
Empty contents into a saucepan and heat over medium heat until it is bubbling and hot through. Add a splash of water if the contents are sticking to the pan.
This product is snap frozen for your convenience. Thaw overnight in the fridge when ready to eat.

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