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Warren Pensini - Blackwood Valley Beef

Warren Pensini - Blackwood Valley Beef

Our heritage is Italian, so we are passionate about family and food. With Blackwood Valley Beef, we combine both.

The Pensini family has been raising cattle in Western Australia for a century.

In Western Australia they farm some of the most fragile and worn soils in the world, so farming here is very challenging. Add to this the effects of climate change and declining rainfall, it soon becomes clear the old European ways of farming are not sustainable.

"Nestled in the beautiful Blackwood Valley in South West WA, Warren Pensini manage his farm ‘holistically’. This means employing planned grazing methods to ensure ground cover year-round and true environmental sustainability.

"We hand select our cattle, then raise and finish them in a grass-fed, low stress natural herd environment on farm, free of any artificial growth hormones and antibiotics.

This guarantees and enhances the eating quality of our beef.

Warren is also the Supply and Logistics Manager with Wide Open Agriculture. He assisted with establishing Dirty Clean Food's meat distribution business, supplying meat to premium restaurant and food outlets in Perth and the State's Southwest. 

Warren’s extensive network and experience in the farming and meat production sectors will allow Dirty Clean Food to maintain a consistent year round supply of high quality grass fed beef and lamb to local and export markets.  

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