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Sam and Steph Hondema - Rosa's Ridge

Sam and Steph Hondema - Rosa's Ridge

Rosa's Ridge is owned and operated by a tenacious first generation farming family, aspiring to bring wholesome, clean and ethical meat produce to your family table using regenerative practices. 

Sam and Steph Hondema of Rosa's Ridge, situated just 11km from Margaret River in the close knit community of Rosa Brook, Western Australia, are dedicated to to growing Pasture Raised table Birds and Premium Goat Meat using regenerative, ethical and transparent practices on spray free pastures.

They grow their birds from day old to processing date, brooding in all-natural lighting on bedding specific for young poultry. Upon graduating at 2-3 weeks old into their one of a kind chicken chalet, a large, moveable chicken coop, their birds have direct contact to pasture. Their coops which are moved daily to maintain optimum soil and animal health are designed to allow fresh air, vitamin D from the sun, a smorgasbord of micro-organisms, insects, seeds and grasses whilst being protected from harsh weather and predators. Humane hand processing allows for an uncontaminated, clean finish, ensuring the highest eating experience.

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