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Kate Harris - Harriss Farming

Kate Harris - Harriss Farming

Kate Harris farms at the foot of the Porongorups with her husband Ben, their two boys, Max and Henry.

Passionate about farming & health, Kate believes it is important to look after their soil as this leads the way to healthy grass, healthy cattle and healthy people. Since buying their first cattle in 2006, they have farmed using regenerative practises and have continuously made improvements to the way they grow beef. Using time controlled grazing, stocking density and long pasture rest periods, they have noticed their pasture quality and quantity increase and recognise this as a marker of improved soil health. Kate is eager for continuous growth and improvement while keeping simplicity in sight.

Their animal’s welfare is of significant importance with an emphasis on low stress stock handling. Happy, calm cattle are healthier cattle that convert grass to beef quickly and efficiently. Content cattle spend more time grazing and less energy in fight or fight. Locally sourced cattle soon become calm and relaxed in their new environment with daily human interaction and constant movement onto fresh pasture.

We are excited to be bringing Kate on board as a supplier and look forward to sharing her regenerative journey with you over the coming weeks.

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