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Southern Forrest Produce

Anthony and Natasha East are the owners of the family run business, Southern Forest Produce based in Manjimup, in the heart of the Southern Forests region.

Anthony (pictured) has worked in Agriculture and Horticulture all his life. He grew up as one of 4 boys on the family farm in Manjimup, where they were growing cauliflower for the export market. More recently he was the Produce Liaison Coordinator for Genuinely Southern Forests, the food brand of the Southern Forests Food Council. Working in both the local and export markets, he observed both sides, and noticed when comparing volume of produce and quality of produce, that quality always sells! 

Natasha (behind the camera) has previously worked in administration for a wholesale distribution business and has a good handle on logistics. Together they decided to combine their skillsets and work with local farmers to curate a seasonal produce box that would fill a gap in the market. Their focus is on fresh, local and seasonal, with all produce sourced farmer direct. 

Anthony and Natasha are most passionate about supporting smaller local farmers and providing the best fresh produce to their customers. Living in an area growing an abundance of products, their relationships with local growers allows them to source from over 55 different farmers throughout the season. By sourcing from the local area, they provide a viable alternative pathway to market for smaller farmers, when the open market is often not an option.  

Southern Forest Produce Delivered also source some counter seasonal products direct from Carnarvon to enrich their range. Produce is sourced from select farmers who are committed to working with nature to build their soil health, support biodiversity (above and below the ground) and manage their water cycles. They use cover cropping, green manures and a range of other methods depending on their needs. Many also integrate livestock into their holistic management plans to further enhance biodiversity in the soils and enable a circular resource cycle.

These farmers use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is a different set of tools to pre-empt issues and deal with any day-to-day challenges. Through the introduction of predatory pests, select pruning, biological pest control, natural fumigants etc they can control or eliminate damaging pests, mould and fungus from their fruits and vegetables without the need for harsh chemicals. 

The boxes are packed into recyclable cardboard cartons and compostable produce bags. We also use a recyclable thermal carton liner to help moderate temperature over the warmer months if you are not able to be home for delivery. For more information CLICK HERE

The fruit in your box is picked and delivered to your door within 4 days. The equivalent process for large supermarket chains is 10-12 days. As the fruit is delivered so close to the picking time, it may take longer to ripen than when purchased at a large supermarket.

To speed up the fruit ripening process, place fruit in a paper bag. As fruit ripens it gives off ethylene, which is a natural gas that helps in ripening. By putting your fruit in a paper bag the ethylene will build up and circulate within the bag, speeding up the ripening process.

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